“The natural evolution is to move towards situations where focus on social improvement is the goal AND there is payment incoming—not simply a pro bono scenario.”

Lisa Abendroth, Communication Design Coordinator, Associate Professor
Metropolitan State College of Denver

Obtaining funding to initiate or complete a real-world project is often a challenge for educators seeking to further social responsibility in their classrooms. The organizations listed below represent a fraction of the funding options currently available to the Visual Communications student and educator.

The National Endowment for the Arts

“Recognizes design's ever-present role by funding activities across the design disciplines that encourage, preserve, and disseminate the best in American and global design.”
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Sappi Papers: Ideas that Matter

“Awards monetary grants to designers throughout the world to help them create and implement projects that serve the causes that are closest to their hearts.”
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Visual Arts Foundtion

“Through the generous support of our benefactors, the Visual Arts Foundation is able to make grants to emerging artists and entities for the purpose of exhibiting work or funding special projects.”
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If you are aware of other funding options and finacial support that would be useful to educators wanting to incorporate social responsiblity in their Visual Communications coursework, please let us know.

last update: 01.14