“Our mission is to train those who will grow up to be the adults of tomorrow, those who will live in the world we will leave behind as a legacy, a world they will have to keep shaping and constructing on and on. Their success will also be ours.”

Christian Guellerin, President, Cumulus
International Association of Universities
and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

Source: <www.cumulusassociation.org>

While social responsibility is being discussed more and more frequently within the Visual Communications industry and among educators today, no standards or guidelines currently exist to aid in the implementation of these concepts into the higher education curriculum. Where social responsibility is not already part of a Visual Communications program, and there is little or no administrative support for inclusion, it is left to individual instructors to decide how to best integrate this topic into their syllabi.

This site is a collaborative resource for educators of Visual Communications who wish to instruct their students on the importance of adopting a social and ethical approach to their work. If you know of additional resources that you feel would be of value, please contact us.

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